A hybrid story/rhythm/puzzle game, inspired by Rock Star Ate My Hamster and other quirky British games of yore. Tour beautiful Clowdenshire, meet weird cats, play gigs, and work the biz! Some adult themes (this is rock and roll).

  • infinite* procedurally generated kitties, locales and shenanigans; different for every player
  • four seasons, six sorts of venue, ten tiny tunes
  • difficulty adapts to your skill level during play
  • silhouette mode, if you would rather not be stared at
  • P E N T O M I N O E S
  • made with the Pico-8 fantasy console

* well, lots of, anyway

CONTROLS: cursor keys, Z, X. (Click inside the game window to make sure it responds.)

CHROME, SAFARI OR OPERA BROWSER RECOMMENDED. Limitations of Pico-8's HTML exporter mean that

  • in Edge, the game runs correctly but looks blurry
  • in Firefox, the game is playable, but the music timing is unreliable
  • in Internet Explorer, there's no sound, which breaks the game
Made withPICO-8
Tagsblocks, cats, Cute, Music, PICO-8, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Super cute! The art's great and the game is really fun. Any chance you could upload the source code?